One of the main problems our teeth can have is dental caries.

The tooth, even if we see it as something hard and resistant, is actually a vital element that can be attacked by bacteria.

When these bacteria attack the part of the hard tissues of the tooth, dental caries is involved.

Bacteria in the form of bacterial plaque, in fact, if they are not kept under control with normal daily oral hygiene, are able to dissolve the mineral part of the tooth, creating lesions that have the form of cavities.

These lesions can be superficial but can also reach the inner part of the tooth where the dental pulp is located, which is composed of cellular tissue, nerves and small veins.

If the caries arrives to attack the dental pulp, the classic pain (pulpitis) appears which, in the most serious forms, can be accompanied by swelling.

In the event that one or more teeth have been attacked by caries, intervention is carried out through conservative dentistry which has the specific purpose of eliminating tooth decay and restoring the functionality of the tooth through its care and preventing the total destruction of the tooth by caries.

The conservative dental protocol foresees the removal of caries through special instruments, the cleaning of the cavity formed which is subsequently filled with composite materials.

As mentioned, caries can have different depths but also different positions, which is why they are divided into classes.

The most serious form is precisely when dental caries reaches the internal tissues of the tooth; in that case, however, action is taken with endodontics, another branch of dental medicine that deals with the care of “endodontium”, the inner part of the tooth.

It therefore becomes necessary to define the most appropriate procedures for the care of teeth that are aggravated by caries. This can be done in the best way, as happens in our clinic, by a team of doctors specialized in different branches of dentistry.

Furthermore, the doctors who work for the treatment of these diseases must apply careful and meticulous procedures so that the composite materials used in modern conservative dentistry are perfectly effective in sealing the cavities that have formed in the teeth with caries.

Also for this reason the experience and professionalism of doctors are important factors in the care of conservative dentistry.

The modern technologies and medical procedures used by specialist doctors in our clinic, which have a great professional experience made up of thousands of conservative dental treatments, allow us to have a full recovery of the teeth, attacked by caries, which can then return to their full functionality.