With increasing age or due to dental diseases or other pathologies, a patient may have one or more teeth lost, up to complete endetulia.

In the same way it would be necessary to resort to the devitalization of damaged teeth, due for example to caries neglected, and to the reconstruction of the same.

In these cases, after appropriate dental care, one or more dental prostheses are installed.

The prostheses can be fixed or mobile and can have the purpose of reconstructing one or more teeth (a crown mounted on a devitalized tooth), replacing one or more teeth (a crown mounted on a titanium implant) or fixing the teeth (prostheses that are used for mobile teeth due to a periodontal disease).

In the creation of a fixed prosthesis some aspects are fundamental. The first is surely to create a shape that perfectly reproduces the anatomy of the patient’s teeth or skeletal implant. This reconstruction reproducing the natural pattern of the patient’s mouth leads to having correct points of contact between the teeth of the upper and lower arch, thus obtaining an exact distribution of the masticatory force in the patient’s mouth, and a natural occlusion of the teeth without creating tensions in the muscular apparatus of the mouth.

For all these reasons in the realization of a prosthesis, the collaboration between dentist and dental laboratory is very important; in fact, dental prostheses must be made by qualified dental technicians, in specialized laboratories, and under the supervision of a dentist.

In our clinic this aspect is guaranteed by the internal laboratory where the prosthetic implants are made by qualified dental technicians.

For over twenty years, the latest technologies have been used in our laboratory, including 3D printing, and the best materials to guarantee the patient a product that lasts over time and is aesthetically beautiful.

As said today, in addition to durability, prostheses must also have an aesthetic function that gives the patient the pleasure of a beautiful smile again.

This is why in our clinic we use materials that, in addition to being resistant and hypo allergenic, have very good aesthetic qualities such as, for example, zirconium ceramic crowns.

But the aesthetic function of the prosthesis does not stop at the reconstructive part; in fact more and more our patients require what is defined as “Hollywood smile”, a white and pearly smile similar to that of movie stars.

Our clinic, through its dental laboratory, can satisfy even the most demanding patients with the application, for example, of dental veneers that are prostheses made of composite material that are applied, after modeling treatment, on the front teeth for reconstruct their shape and improve their aesthetics, which will be white and pearly.