In most cases the classic “toothache” is caused by the inflammation of the inner part of the tooth.

In fact this portion of the tooth, called “dental pulp”, consists of blood vessels, nerves and cellular tissue and it is them who make the tooth vital; however, untreated dental caries is enough to have an inflammation or, worse, necrosis of this cellular tissue and tooth loss.

This vital part of the tooth is contained in the endodontum, that is the inner space of the tooth, which is why, when we go to cure these pathologies, we speak of “endodontics”.

These pathologies, as we have said, are the main causes of toothache, but they are also the cause of abscesses or even the rupture or loss of the tooth itself.

The endodontist doctor treats these pathologies through two different approaches. The first is to treat the tooth with therapies that pass through the tooth itself (orthograde therapy); in this case dental care can be as diverse as root canal treatment, devitalization and reprocessing when there is still a disease after endodontic treatment.

Sometimes, however, the dentist cannot cure these diseases by passing through the tooth; this is why it becomes necessary to work from the outside (retrograde therapy or surgical endodontics), with interventions normally defined as apicectomies.

Endodontics is the therapeutic approach that ensures the patient can maintain all the abilities of his teeth and that is why it is very important. In fact the tooth, properly treated, stops being a source of infection and once the dental crown is restored, it resumes its normal functions.

The success rate in these dental treatments is very high, over 90%, if these treatments are done by specialized dentists, as happens in our clinic.

In fact, incorrect approaches, especially in more complex cases such as apicectomies or the presence of anatomical root anomalies, can lead to the need for reprocessing or, worse, tooth loss due to the continuation of the infection.

For this reason the professionalism, preparation and experience of the dentist become fundamental elements in endodontic care; this is why in our clinic our team of doctors is always up to date also about this type of dental therapies.