Very often in dental care a patient needs a surgical treatment. Just think, for example, about the extraction of a tooth.

Dental surgery, or simply oral surgery, deals with these dental problems.

The pathologies that require surgical treatment can be very different from each other. First the extraction of a tooth was mentioned, but there is a great difference between the extraction, for example, of a tooth affected by advanced periodontitis, therefore with loss of attachment of the root with the bone and almost on the point of falling , and instead the extraction of a wisdom tooth perhaps in an oblique position and which is located under the gingiva and inside the jaw.

This concept becomes even more evident if we consider that, in modern dentistry, surgery can be used to reconstruct and recover the full functionality of the mouth and, therefore, surgery can be performed for the installation of implants, for augmentation or bone restoration or, even, for maxillofacial reconstructions.

The patient must understand that surgical practice, in dentistry, requires different professional levels of specialization and experience that can guarantee safety, during surgery, and greater certainty of the result.

For these reasons our clinic uses doctors specialized in the various areas of oral surgery.

These doctors work in teams, consulting each other on the basis of their knowledge and professionalism, to guarantee the patient the best possible care.

The patient who approaches dental surgery must check at least two other very important factors.

The first is the use by the dentist of a correct medical history protocol that allows the same dentist to check if the patient can undergo the dental treatment he needs or if his clinical conditions prevent treatment or require special attention.

An example from this point of view is the interaction between diabetes and dental implantology, where this chronic disease can prolong the osseointegration time of the implants.

This is why our doctors follow a very strict protocol regarding the verification of the patient’s health conditions.

The second aspect to pay attention to, from a patient who must undergo dental treatment that includes surgical treatments, is that the clinic, in which the surgery will be performed, has the necessary equipment to be able to do it in total safety and with guarantee of result.

For this reason our team of doctors works in a structure that uses modern technologies to offer the patient the most efficient dental surgical treatment.