Every day we brush our teeth because daily oral hygiene, normally done with a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash, is the basis for having healthy teeth.

But this alone is not enough to guarantee the health of our teeth.

In fact, with daily oral hygiene it is impossible to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. Dental plaque, or dental patina, is a formation of bacterial nature that the daily use of the toothbrush cannot completely remove. The non-removed bacterial plaque turns into tartar, a hard mineral residue that is impossible to remove with the normal toothbrush, which forms at the base of the tooth.

Bacterial plaque and tartar are the main enemies of the health of our teeth. In fact they can cause the formation of caries, periodontitis (pyorrhea), gingivitis and pulpits.

Their removal, which is a very important factor to maintain the health of our teeth over time, must be done with special instruments and specialized personnel.

This type of cleaning is called “professional dental cleaning” or scaling.

This is why it is necessary to do periodically, at least every six months or at most once a year, a professional cleaning treatment which is precisely a therapeutic procedure aimed at removing stubborn encrustations caused by plaque and, above all, tartar.

In our clinic, this cleaning is done by specialized hygienists who use specific sterile instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth, from the interdental spaces and from below the gum.

Professional dental cleaning not only makes your teeth stronger and healthier but, through the use of abrasive stain removers, it helps to whiten and remove that yellow patina and those stains that very often cover the teeth.

In addition to this, scaling counteracts gum inflammation, reduces dental sensitivity, prevents the phenomenon of receding gums and premature tooth loss and also helps in halitosis.

Professional dental cleaning therefore contributes in a fundamental way to the prevention of many dental diseases and is the best method to ensure the patient to maintain healthy and robust teeth over time.